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TPO Technical Insights

TPO Performance Evaluation

TPO roof membranes' attributes, their performance properties, and resistance to degradation due to the effects of weathering. Read more

New Developments in TPO Roofing

New TPO membrane for use as an outdoor building material comprising a non-reinforced TPO outdoor building material membrane composed of a single ply embossed thermoplastic polyolefin polymer wherein the embossed membrane has a stretchability in the range of about 5 lbf to about 30 lbf, as tested with about a 30-mil thickness sample under the “stretchability test.”

Advance in TPO Corner Patch

An outside corner patch for TPO roofing is formed from a circular piece of TPO membrane material being vacuum formed to define an array of flutes that extend from the center of the piece toward its edges. The flutes form ridges and valleys that generally are shaped as conical sections with the apex of the conical sections located at the center of the patch. The number and size of the flutes is optimized in such a way that, when the flutes are stretched flat, the patch conforms to and fits flat against the surfaces of an outside corner formed by the intersection of a roof deck with an upward protrusion from the roof. The TPO outside corner patch is applied over the corner and thermally welded to surrounding TPO membranes on the roof deck and the protrusion to form a watertight seal at the outside corner.

TPO roofing apparatus, systems, and methods

The present disclosure relates, in some embodiments, to TPO roofing apparatus, systems, and methods. For example, a method may include applying profiles to a substrate before applying a TPO membrane to the substrate. For example, an installation method may comprise, in some embodiments, laying out the spacing for one or more roof profiles on a substrate (e.g., a roof deck), attaching the one or more profiles to the substrate, applying a membrane (e.g., a self-adhesive TPO membrane) to the substrate between the profiles, and/or sealing the edges of the membrane to the profiles.

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