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    Shepherd is a cities in San Jacinto County, Texas, United States. The population was 2,319 at the 2010 census.

    Shepherd is located in San Jacinto County


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    Shepherd Isd is located at 1401 S Byrd Ave Shepherd,Tx,77371 Shepherd Isd phone number is (936)628-3396. The school district has 2017 students, 131 teachers.

    San Jacinto County

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    Shepherd, Texas

    Shepherd, Texas

    Top sites to see in Shepherd Texas

    • Antietam National Battlefield : Antietam National Battlefield is a National Park Service-protected area along Antietam Creek in Sharpsburg, Washington County, northwestern Maryland. It commemorates the American Civil War Battle of Antietam that occurred on September 17, 1862. The area, situated on fields among the Appalachian foothills near the Potomac River, features the battlefield site and visitor center, a national military cemetery, stone arch Burnside's Bridge, and a field hospital museum. Wikipedia
    • Entler Hotel : Rumsey Hall, also known as the Entler Hotel, is an historic building in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The building is located in the center of the Shepherdstown Historic District and is a composite of six separate phases of construction. The earliest portion was built in 1786, and was the home belonging to Christian Cookus. This section burned in 1912. This section was separated by a narrow passage from the core of the hotel property, first started in the 1790s by owner Daniel Bedinger. This Federal style structure was expanded to the corner sometime before 1809, with a further addition along Princess Street by 1815. A kitchen and a carriage house completed the complex. Significant interior features remain. In 1809 a store was opened in the corner building, operated by James Brown. At about the same time, the Globe Tavern opened, offering overnight accommodations. In 1815, Bedinger sold the property to James Brown and Edward Lucas for $6,000. In 1820 it was again sold, to Thomas Crown of Washington, D.C., for $4000. By this time the tavern was managed by Thomas James and the hotel by Daniel Entler. In 1823, Daniel Entler became the manager of the entire property.
    • The Rumsey Monument : Memorial Park
    • Shepherdstown Historic District : The Shepherdstown Historic District comprises the historic core of Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The town is the oldest in West Virginia, founded in 1762 as Mecklenburg. No structures are known to exist from the time before the town became known as Shepherdstown. The historic district is concentrated along German Street, the main street, with 386 contributing resources and 69 non-contributing elements. The chief representative period is the late 18th century, with many Federal style brick houses. German Street is also furnished with 19th-century "street furniture" such as metal fences, mounting blocks, wooden pumps and mature trees. The town has a significant place in American history. James Rumsey made a public demonstration of a steamboat in 1787 on the nearby Potomac River. Shepherdstown was proposed as the National Capital in 1790, losing to Alexandria, Virginia, and Georgetown, Maryland, at the tidal headwaters of the Potomac. During the Civil War, Shepherdstown was in a pivotal position, with Confederate forces burning the covered bridge over the Potomac in 1861, then using nearby Pack Horse Ford to and from the Battle of Antietam.
    • C&O Canal Lock 38 : Canal
    • Lock 38 : Canal
    • Ferry Hill : Old plantation on a bluff at river bend
    • Morgan's Grove : Morgan's Grove is a rural historic district near Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The area is noted for its abundant springs. Several historic houses and farms are in the district, including: Old Stone House and springhouse, c. 1734, belonged to the original settler and family partiarch, Richard Morgan. Rosebrake, or Poplar Grove, built in 1745, with dependencies including a barn and outbuildings Falling Spring, c. 1831-1837, with dependencies. The nearby woods were a Civil War encampment. Belonged to Jacob Morgan and his son William. Springdale c. 1760, home of Richard Morgan's son William, and dependencies. "Morgan Fort" was located on this property. Fountain Rock in Morgan's Grove Park with the foundations of the Fountain Rock house, burned in 1864 by Federal troops. Wikipedia

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