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    El Paso (; Spanish: [el ?paso] "the pass") is a cities and the county seat of El Paso County, Texas, United States, in the far western part of the state. The 2019 population estimate for the cities from the U.S. Census was 681,728, making it the 22nd-largest cities in the United States, the sixth-largest cities in Texas, and the second-largest cities in the Southwest behind Phoenix, Arizona. Its metropolitan statistical area covers all of El Paso and Hudspeth Counties in Texas, and has a population of 840,758.El Paso stands on the Rio Grande across the Mexico–United States border from Ciudad Juárez, the most-populous cities in the Mexican state of Chihuahua with 1.4 million people. Las Cruces, in the neighboring U.S. state of New Mexico, has a population of 215,579. On the U.S. side, the El Paso metropolitan area forms part of the larger El Paso-Las Cruces combined statistical area, with a population of 1,060,397.These three cities form a combined international metropolitan area sometimes referred to as the Paso del Norte or the Borderplex. The region of 2.5 million people constitutes the largest bilingual and binational work force in the Western Hemisphere.The cities is home to three publicly traded companies, and former Western Refining, now Andeavor, as well as home to the Medical Center of the Americas, the only medical research and care provider complex in West Texas and Southern New Mexico, and the University of Texas at El Paso, the cities's primary university. The cities hosts the annual Sun Bowl college football postseason game, the second-oldest bowl game in the country.El Paso has a strong federal and military presence. William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Biggs Army Airfield, and Fort Bliss are located in the area. Fort Bliss is one of the largest military complexes of the United States Army and the largest training area in the United States. Also headquartered in El Paso are the Drug Enforcement Administration domestic field division 7, El Paso Intelligence Center, Joint Task Force North, United States Border Patrol El Paso Sector, and U.S. Border Patrol Special Operations Group.In 2010 and 2018, El Paso received an All-America cities Award. El Paso ranked in the top-three safest large cities in the United States between 1997 and 2014, including holding the title of safest cities between 2011 and 2014.

    El Paso is located in El Paso County

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    El Paso is home to the largest urban park in the nation. The Franklin Mountains State Park - with its more than 24 -248 acres (9 -813 ha) - is completely located within the city limits. It is considered a small range (23 miles long - 3 miles (4.8 km) wide) that extends from city north into New Mexico. It is home to the highest peak in the county North Franklin Mountain at 7 -192 feet.The park is open year-round for recreation including hiking - mountain biking - picnicking - scenic driving and views of the city.The Wyler Aerial Tramway is operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and is in the Franklin Mountains State Park. The tramway complex covers 196 acres (0.79 km2) on the east side of the Franklin Mountains. The gondolas travel along two 2 -600-foot (790 m) €‹1 3„8-diameter steel cables to Ranger Peak - 5 -632 feet (1 -717 m) above sea level. The trip takes about four minutes and lifts riders 940 feet (290 m) above the boarding area.The tramway was built in 1959 by KTSM radio to aid in the construction of a transmitter tower. Karl O. Wyler managed the project. First opening to the public as the El Paso Aerial Tramway - the facility provided rides from 1960 to 1986 - when high liability insurance costs forced the tram to stop public operations. The tram was only used to service the transmitter towers. Wyler donated the tramway for public use in his will. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department accepted the donation in 1997 and renovated and re-opened the tramway to the public in 2001. The tramway was closed indefinitely on September 18 - 2020. Hueco Tanks State Historic Site is a Texas historic site in the Hueco Tanks area - approximately 32 miles (51 km) northeast of downtown El Paso and just west of the Hueco Mountains. The park is popular for recreation such as birdwatching and bouldering - and is culturally and spiritually significant to many Native Americans. This significance is partially manifested in the pictographs (rock paintings) that can be found throughout the region - many of which are thousands of years old. Hueco Tanks is also widely regarded as one of the best areas in the world for bouldering (rock climbing - low enough to attempt without ropes for protection) - unique for its rock type - the concentration and quality of the climbing - and after which the Hueco bouldering grades are named. In any given climbing season - which generally lasts from October through March - it is common for climbers from across Europe - Asia - and Australia to visit the park. Since implementation of the Public Use Plan - following a brief closure of the entire park due to the park service's inability to manage the growing crowds of international climbers - volunteer or commercial guides are required to access more than 2/3 of the park's area. Only North Mountain is accessible without guides - and then only for about 70 people at any given time. The park offers camping and showers for a small fee a day or - as is most popular for climbers - the nearby Hueco Rock Ranch offers camping where climbers can relax and socialize.Located in downtown El Paso - San Jacinto Plaza is a historical park notable for it's alligator statues in the middle of the area. Known as "Alligator Plaza" - it used to have a pond that held live alligators that the community can interact with starting in 1962. They were removed and relocated to the El Paso Zoo in 1974. The area around the park is typically used to hold major events such as "Chalk the Block Arts Festival" and "Winterfest".The Chamizal National Memorial is a 54.90-acre (22.22 ha) memorial park that serves primarily as a cultural center and contains art galleries - a theater - and an amphitheatre. A museum detailing the history of the Mexico-U.S. border is located inside the visitor center.The city is also home to 242 municipal parks.


    Downtown El Paso El Paso,Texas

    Downtown El Paso contains a mix of corporate and government buildings, plus hotels, casual restaurants, and lively public spaces such as San Jacinto Plaza. El Paso Museum of Art features Spanish Colonial paintings and works by European masters, and the Plaza Theatre offers tours of the restored 1930s interior. A year-round farmers’ and artisans’ market takes place Saturdays in the Union Plaza district.

    Downtown El Paso El Paso,Texas <br><img src=The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park, Cafe Central, MORE

    Hotel Indigo El Paso Downtown, MORE

    Sunset Heights El Paso,Texas

    Sunset Heights is a historic area in El Paso, Texas; which has existed since the latter part of the 1890s. Many wealthy residents have had their houses and mansions built on this hill. Although some buildings have been renovated to their former glory but many have been neglected and have deteriorated.

    Sunset Heights El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Circle K, SUBWAY®Restaurants, 91Food

    Ysleta El Paso,Texas

    Ysleta is a community in El Paso, Texas, United States. Ysleta was settled between October 9 and October 12, 1680, when Spanish conquistadors, Franciscan clerics and Tigua Indians took refuge along the southern bank of the Rio Grande. These people were fleeing the Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico.

    Ysleta El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Montwood El Paso,Texas
    Montwood El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Red Lantern, Ardovino's Pizza 3, MORE

    Central El Paso El Paso,Texas

    Vast, residential Central El Paso is home to El Paso Zoo, with exotic animals and play areas, and the Chamizal National Memorial, a historic US-Mexico border site with a museum, an art gallery, and performance venues. Nearby, big-name music acts play El Paso County Coliseum. Memorial Park has a swimming pool and rose garden, and the El Segundo Barrio and Chihuahuita districts are known for colorful murals.

    Central El Paso El Paso,Texas <br><img src=L & J Cafe, Salt + Honey Bakery Cafe, MORE

    VICTORIA DAYCARE, Ramada Gate Place, Elpaso Texas, Pleasant View Lodge

    El Paso High El Paso,Texas

    El Paso High El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Taconeta, Phoenix Palace, MORE

    El Segundo Barrio (Segundo Barrio) El Paso,Texas

    El Segundo Barrio is a historic Hispanic neighborhood in El Paso, Texas. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in El Paso. It was one of the main ports of entry into the United States from Mexico for many years, and became known as the "other Ellis Island" as a result.

    El Segundo Barrio (Segundo Barrio) El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Jalisco Cafe, Circle K, Oaxaca Cocina Mexicana, Flavor town

    Mesquite Hills El Paso,Texas

    Mesquite Hills is a newly developing neighborhood in Northeast El Paso, Texas. Newman Ranch Partners, LLC, began construction of the community in 2007, as demand for housing in the area increased.

    Mesquite Hills El Paso,Texas <br><img src=O'Shea Keleher El Paso,Texas
    O'Shea Keleher El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Crazy Daves Pizza, Kee's Teriyaki & Sushi, MORE

    Manhattan Heights El Paso,Texas

    Manhattan Heights is a historic district and neighborhood in El Paso, Texas. The neighborhood was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

    Manhattan Heights El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Thomas Manor El Paso,Texas
    Thomas Manor El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Barbacoa La Guera, Pesado Burrito, La Hacienda, MORE

    Kern Place El Paso,Texas

    Kern Place is a historic neighborhood on the West side of El Paso, Texas. The neighborhood lies just east of the University of Texas at El Paso, and north of downtown. Kern is part of District 1 in the City of El Paso and currently represented by Peter Svarzbein.

    Kern Place El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Crave Kitchen & Bar, Geogeske G2, MORE

    Capistrano Park El Paso,Texas

    Capistrano Park El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Shawver Park El Paso,Texas
    Shawver Park El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Lonches Juaritos Restaurant, Las Caseras, El Carrito, Benny's, Delicias Guadalajara

    Chihuahuita El Paso,Texas

    Chihuahuita is a neighborhood in El Paso, Texas. It has also been known as the "First Ward." It is considered the oldest neighborhood in the city. It has also suffered through extreme poverty in its history.

    Chihuahuita El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Laurita's Kitchen, El Chewco, Gorditas Lerdo, MORE

    Loma Terrace El Paso,Texas

    Loma Terrace El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Sageland El Paso,Texas
    Sageland El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Hard Work Cafe, Bel Air Highschool Cafeteria, Church's Chicken

    Angel's Triangle El Paso,Texas

    Angel's Triangle is a neighborhood located in Northeast El Paso in El Paso, Texas. It lies within a right triangle bordered by Dyer Street on the east, the Patriot Freeway on the west, and Hondo Pass Avenue on the north.

    Angel's Triangle El Paso,Texas <br><img src=New Clock Restaurant, IHOP, Trap Burger, MORE

    Colonia Motor Hotel, Hawaiian Royale Motel, Beverly Crest Motor Inn, Vanessa I

    Pebble Hills Park El Paso,Texas

    Pebble Hills Park El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Los Tres Gallegos, Del Paso Mexican Restaurant, MORE

    Castner Heights El Paso,Texas

    Castner Heights El Paso,Texas <br><img src=JONBALAYA, Flaming Island Grill, Rincon Tapatio, Sam's Club Cafe

    Ranchos del Sol El Paso,Texas

    Ranchos del Sol El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Los Corajudos Del Gordo Burritos Y Desayunos, MORE

    Pico Norte El Paso,Texas

    Pico Norte El Paso,Texas <br><p><a class=Panda Burgers, 915 Vibes, PIRCO'S MEXICAN FOOD, Great American Steakburger

    Montoya Heights El Paso,Texas

    Montoya Heights El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Pendale El Paso,Texas
    Pendale El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Magoffin El Paso,Texas
    Magoffin El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Mexican Cottage, El California Mexican Restaurant, MORE

    Resler Canyon El Paso,Texas

    Resler Canyon El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Paco Wongs Chinese Restaurant, MORE

    Vista Hills El Paso,Texas

    Vista Hills El Paso,Texas <br><p><a class=Vista Hills Country Club, Geskes Fire and Grille, MORE

    Delgado Park El Paso,Texas

    Delgado Park El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Tobin Park El Paso,Texas
    Tobin Park El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Park Foothills El Paso,Texas

    Park Foothills is a neighborhood in Northeast El Paso. It is located west of U.S. 54 to the Franklin Mountains, and from Mountain Ridge Drive and Atlas Avenue north to the boundary of Castner Range at ...

    Park Foothills El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Tierra Humida El Paso,Texas
    Tierra Humida El Paso,Texas <br><p><a class=Subway, Tony's Barbacoa, Bahama Buck's, MORE

    Vista Real West El Paso,Texas

    Vista Real West El Paso,Texas <br><p><a class=The Snack Lounge, Super Elotes Richys Snack, Arby's

    Logan Heights El Paso,Texas

    Logan Heights El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Super Burro, CAFE KOREA EL PASO, MORE

    Newman El Paso,Texas

    Newman El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Summit Place El Paso,Texas
    Summit Place El Paso,Texas <br><p><a class=Los Tragones Taqueria, MORE

    Penrose El Paso,Texas

    Penrose El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Remcon El Paso,Texas
    Remcon El Paso,Texas <br><p><a class=Carnitas Queretaro Mexican Restaurant, MORE

    Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott El Paso, MORE

    Washington Park El Paso,Texas

    Washington Park El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Glen Cove El Paso,Texas
    Glen Cove El Paso,Texas <br><p><a class=Paco Wongs Chinese Restaurant, MORE

    Vista Hills El Paso,Texas

    Vista Hills El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Medina El Paso,Texas
    Medina El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Montclair El Paso,Texas
    Montclair El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Valley Creek North El Paso,Texas
    Valley Creek North El Paso,Texas <br><p><a class=Don Carbon, Royal Pandas, J'S Smokehouse Bbq, MORE

    Vista Hills Park El Paso,Texas

    Vista Hills Park El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Coco Miel, FAT BUN, Crown and Eagle Bar & Grill, MORE

    Kohlberg El Paso,Texas

    Kohlberg El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Hongda Chinese Chinese Restaurant, Great American Pizza, Get Fit Nutrition, Subway

    Yucca Village El Paso,Texas

    Yucca Village El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Mountain Hills El Paso,Texas
    Mountain Hills El Paso,Texas <br><img src=Pueblos Viejos El Paso,Texas
    Pueblos Viejos El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Village Green El Paso,Texas
    Village Green El Paso,Texas <br><h3><a href=Mountain Ridge El Paso,Texas
    Mountain Ridge El Paso,Texas <br>
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